HerSpace recognises that women who have once or repeatedly experienced exploitation and abuse and whose “consent” has been silenced, are very likely to suffer from mental health distress.

HerHealing is a free counselling service that offers these women the opportunity to:

  • Be introduced to a process that would allow them to experience safety and trust with a counsellor within a few sessions;
  • Self-determine to begin therapeutic work with an active and informed consent;
  • Choose the “pace” of counselling; and
  • Set the recovery goals that they’d like to achieve in our framework of one or a maximum of two phases of trauma recovery (20 sessions each).

Following is our approach to recovery from experiences of trauma related to exploitation:

  • We recognise that experiences of trauma affect our body, our emotions and our mind. Often, these experiences remain hidden and unrecognised, thus leading to the presentation of complex mental health “symptoms”.
  • We carry a holistic approach towards reducing impacts of trauma for a woman in her physical, sexual and emotional wellbeing.
  • We believe that the integration of experiences, along with the use of evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions (such as expressive art, sensory regulation, movement-based integration and emotional regulation modalities), lead to recovery.

Our HerHealing counsellors, who are trained in psychotherapy, will collaboratively engage with women to help:

  • Understand the effects of trauma in their daily functioning;
  • Gain confidence to self-regulate their physical, sexual and emotional triggers;
  • Build capacity to look at their experiences with pride and less shame or blame; and
  • Strengthen their relationships.

Our counsellors are typically located throughout Melbourne, including the areas of Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy North, Carlton North and Brunswick.

The HerHealing service is also (during COVID-19 pandemic, exclusively) delivered via phone and video calls.

If you are interested in receiving HerHealing counselling service or referring a woman you are worried about, please fill out one of the following forms:

Once you submit the form, it will be sent to the HerPathway counsellor, who will get in touch with you as soon as possible.