HerSpace is committed not only to providing direct practice programs for girls and women, but also working with other service providers to support their professional development. These training programs will provide practitioners with a therapeutic skills ‘toolkit’ to use in their work. Increasing the skills of practitioners will have a positive impact for all of the girls and women they directly work with.

“It has reignited my passion as an Art Therapist and inspired me to apply my skills and knowledge to address the needs of women affected by sexual exploitation. Women who may have previously not felt safe to speak about their trauma, or had felt there was no-one out there to listen to them or to help them” – Shelley, Melbourne based Art Therapist and program participant

Art Therapy

We aim to engage girls and women from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Art and imagery are “universal and intrinsic,” regardless of a person’s gender, age or ethnicity.  Art Therapy is defined as the “deliberate use of art making to address psychological and emotional needs.” This aligns with the organisation’s feminist, strengths and rights-based approach as it can provide an individual with a sense of empowerment through creating, sharing and providing an opportunity for reflection.

Watch below for greater insight into our Art Therapy: