The Program

HerSpace provides mental health support needed for girls and women to choose their own direction and move out of sexual exploitation, to live free and empowered lives.

“I love coming here. I feel accepted for who I am… I’m learning to live in the here and now…” – Sharmaine, HerSpace participant (not her real name).

The program provides long-term healing and therapeutic support, specialised for survivors of sexual exploitation and is the first of its kind in Australia.

It is a safe place for girls and women to receive therapeutic and mental health services; a space for them to heal and find pathways out of exploitation; and a space to connect and drive social change.

This is vital because without ongoing therapeutic support, survivors can often return to situations of exploitation. Women and girls need a safe space to heal, with support from each other and the guidance of trained therapeutic professionals.

“It’s the deep-seated psychological issues that keep you going back to situations of exploitation. You can change the environment, but if you don’t address the emotional issues then girls are going to fall through the cracks . . . and end up back there again.” – Anonymous (26 year-old from Brisbane), survivor of sexual exploitation.

The HerSpace model employs a multi-dimension approach, as seen below. Currently, we are in the process of rolling out three components of the HerSpace model: HerCircle, HerHealing and HerTraining.