Our Vision

HerSpace believes in a world where girls and women are free from sexual exploitation, a world where they can choose their own direction.

HerSpace works with women and girls who self-identify as being affected by sexual exploitation. We seek to empower them by providing holistic therapeutic support to address the emotional, psychological and physical impacts of trauma, and build pathways out of exploitation. Our model of support places these women and girls at the centre of their healing process as we believe they are the experts of their lives, needs and choices.

Definition of sexual exploitation:

Any situation where a girl or woman is left with limited options or no other choice but to exchange her body for her own physical, economic, social, religious and or political safety and survival. It can also include situations where women enter sex work willingly and end up being subject to exploitation.

Our Values

HerSpace supports our volunteers and staff to embody the organisation’s feminist values through the work they do. This means working in collaboration, encouraging participation and partnership, and analysing and challenging power differences due to structures such as gender, race, sexuality, disability, hierarchy and class.

HerSpace is a values driven organisation, which aims to embody the following core values in all of our work, both at an organisational and individual level:

  1. We strive to search for new and innovative ways to overcome obstacles and empower action.
  2. We work collaboratively and participate equally as team members wherever possible.
  3. We communicate respectfully, clearly and honestly often to avoid misunderstandings and share valuable feedback.