HerSpace believes it is essential to create spaces where girls and women can form connections outside of sexually exploitative situations, and to support them through to healing. To fulfil this need, HerCircle gives the opportunity to build on interpersonal skills, provide psycho-education and create harmony among survivors of sexual exploitation.

About the HerCircle program

HerCircle is a fully funded, free of charge 8-week therapeutic group program.

The group program offers a person-centred experiential, arts and sensory based therapeutic space for women to explore and heal from the physical, emotional and psychological trauma associated with sexual exploitation.

HerCircle is a woman-centred, feminist group. We aim to meet with every interested woman before the group to hear what her needs are and how the group can best support her. It is a collaborative effort among the women attending and the two counselling facilitators, Cindy Bridge and Susan Bradborn

Who is HerCircle for?

Like all HerSpace programs, HerCircle is for girls and women aged 16 and over who self-identify as being affected by sexual exploitation. ‘Sexual Exploitation’ can refer to any situation in which a woman’s circumstances impede her ability to have choice about what is happening to her sexually. To find out more about HerSpace’s view on sexual exploitation, click here

How to join or refer:

Click here to download HerCircle Referral Form. Ideally, this form is to be completed by the girl/women wanting to attend the program. If necessary,  a service provider may also complete the form in collaboration with the person being referred. If so, please attach a ‘Consent to share information’ form. 

Send a completed form to info@herspace.org.au. One of our facilitators will then contact you to discuss the program with you and arrange to meet you before the group starts.