Become a Compass Giver

What is a Compass Giver?

Compass Givers directly support women affected by sexual exploitation. They fund mental health programs addressing significant economic, social and emotional challenges. This support provides her with an emotional and mental ‘compass’ needed to navigate a pathway out of sexual exploitation. Compass Givers contribute monthly tax-deductible gifts to help her choose her own direction.

Why become a Compass Giver

At this very moment, in our own neighborhood, girls and women are being forced into sexual exploitation. It happens in houses turned into illegal brothels, on our streets, in cars, online, in photography studios, behind shop fronts. It is happening right now all throughout Melbourne and Australia. As you can imagine recovering from this experience requires significant support.

Compass Givers make the long-term journey of recovery and healing possible, allowing women and girls to chose their own direction and heal from impacts of sexual exploitation. HerSpace needs your ongoing support as a Compass Giver to make this journey possible. In practical terms- your giving is funding individual and group programs for survivors. You can read more about this on our HerSpace page.

How to become a Compass Giver (two options)

(1) DIRECT DEBIT: set up a recurring payment to our account via your online banking. It’s simple to set the payments up, all you need is the following information:

Acc. Name: HerSpace Limited
BSB: 083-004
ACC: 13-801-6734

You will also need to include a transaction reference so we can keep track of your donations. For example: “Sally James, Compass Giver Monthly″.

(2) CREDIT CARD: arrange payment via your credit card. If you choose this option, we will either call or email you to set up your credit card payments.

Once you have decided on your payment schedule, please fill in this form. This information will be used to send you tax deductible receipts and updates about the impact of your donation. If you choose the credit card option, we will contact you to set up payment.