Robyn has a background in social work; child welfare; organisational development and human resources (HR) spanning over 30 years; commencing as a child protection practitioner to now managing her own HR and Organisation Development consulting practice.

Robyn is proud to be a Director on the HerSpace Board of Directors: HerSpace’s cause closely aligns with Robyn’s personal values, and belief, that all people can reach their potential, with the right support and opportunities.

Robyn brings HR and organisational development expertise to the Board of Directors and practices from an evidence base (Robyn has a number of academic qualifications and is a Certified HR Practitioner) coupled with strong values and principles relating to fairness, social justice, integrity and environmental regard.

Having moved off the grid (energy and water) 18 months ago, Robyn would identify herself as an ‘environmentalist’ who is committed to the public/community and the collective good.