A call for help – we need Sabrinna Valisce in the UK to speak against NZ Model of Prostitution Law

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There is an imminent threat of the New Zealand model of prostitution law being passed in England, which would advocate full decriminalisation of sex work and legitimises the abuse of women whether they entered by choice or not.

Nordic Model advocates, who aim to decriminalise the selling of sex while criminalising the act of paying for sexual access with the goal of reducing demand, are looking for strategic activists and great speakers to counter the strong voices from the pro sex trade lobby in the UK.

The intention is to get Sabrinna Valisce to speak to politicians, media and at public events in the UK against the adoption of the NZ model. Sabrinna worked in New Zealand before and after the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 and can speak on the real effects of this legislation in a powerful and eloquent way.

As part of our HerAdvocacy program, the HerSpace team aims to raise awareness and support the voices of women who have lived experience in the sex trade. Consequently, we would like to make a call for everyone that is willing to help this cause to cover some of Sabrinna’s travel costs to the UK. Her work is being done as an unpaid volunteer.

If you are able to help, please send an email to: .

Any amount donated is a huge help and is greatly appreciated.

To refer to Sabrinna’s speech presented at the CATWA Feminist Forum event at the past International Women’s Day, click here.

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