A call for help – we need Sabrinna Valisce in the UK to speak against NZ Model of Prostitution Law

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There is an imminent threat of the New Zealand model of prostitution law being passed in England, which would advocate full decriminalisation of sex work and legitimises the abuse of women whether they entered by choice or not. Nordic Model advocates, who aim to decriminalise the selling of sex while criminalising the act of paying for sexual access with the …


“Gender equality cannot be achieved while the sex trade exists”, by Sabrinna Valisce

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The following speech was presented by Sabrinna Valisce at the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia (CATWA) Feminist Forum event at the past International Women’s Day. The topic being discussed was, ‘Can gender equality be achieved while the sex trade exists?’ The speech used a mixture of historic, current, global and specific South Pacific statistics and facts. Her speech was very powerful …

New Research

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By HerSpace CEO & Founder, Emily Hanscamp View original article here: As a practicing social worker with 8 years’ field experience, currently practicing as a Mental Health Social Worker and trauma counsellor, I have engaged with over 100 girls and women affected by commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) in Melbourne, Mumbai and Manila. I have been struck by the impact of …

HerCircle re-launching in 2017.

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After a successful pilot last year, HerSpace will be running another round of HerCircle in 2017. This empowering program provides a safe place for women and girls to heal from the trauma of sexual exploitation; it offers a powerful and potentially life-changing experience. Here is some of what our participants had to say about their experience of HerCircle last year: …